‘Ye or Nay?

Sex, Drugs, Wonk & Roll | Emily Langlois | February 29, 2016

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Kanye West: the man, the myth, and definitely the legend. With the release of his new album and clothing line, Kanye has been the talk of the town–and there’s never a lack of opinion when it comes to Yeezy.

Everyone can agree that Kanye is a genius musically. From College Dropout to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to the new Life of Pablo, he has always consistently released tracks that are equal parts profound and entertaining. His personal choices, however, are beginning to cloud and discredit everything he’s accomplished in the industry.

If you look up the word “cocky” in the dictionary Kanye’s face would be the first thing you see. He made a personal branding of being the best no matter who may think otherwise, and it has contributed heavily to the polarization of his reputation. From proclaiming that he’s a God to relentlessly dissing other celebrities, it’s been justified because of his artistry but there comes a point where it just can’t be compensated for.

Most of the controversy he’s caused has been on his Twitter, but nobody could forget classic “Kanye moments” when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, stating that the government administered AIDS during a Philadelphia show in 2005, and blatantly called George W. Bush a racist on a Hurricane Katrina-related Red Cross ad. Kanye has always been ridiculous and it’s always been celebrated.

The ridiculousness, in light of his glorified homeless attire clothing line, marriage to controversial Kim Kardashian, debt (there was even a GoFundMe account made to help him out), and countless feuds with just about everyone, is reaching a whole different level. 

Phrases like “I want someone to love me as much as Kanye loves Kanye” and “channel your inner Yeezus” have always been buzzing around due to his self-made and self-assured confidence, but over time these are reigning less true. There have been all types of reactions to the Kanye drama, but now instead of laughing with him everyone seems to be laughing at him.

Considering the fact that ‘Ye is 38 years old, a father of two, and $53 million in debt, it’s safe to say that he should become a bit more responsible for his actions. It’s funny to joke about Kanye’s attitude but if he wasn’t an internationally famous rap artist, would it still be as acceptable?

“Kanye is the archetypal joker, draped in the materialism and ego that epitomizes our era,” -Sophomore Dominick Mortarotti.

Although Kanye takes pride in his ego, it’s viewed in a joking way by the majority of people who reference it. Kanye’s goal to be respected musically has been reached for a long time, and maybe it’s time for him to redirect that energy to taking control of his life before he loses all of the respect he’s gained from it.