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On that food kush and alcohol

Uncategorized | Waner Liang | November 2, 2015

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There’s a new food truck in town. And although this food truck doesn’t sell hot-off-the-grill goods nor is it actually a truck but more of a fleet, its food is one for the books: edibles.


Yup. You heard it here first.

There is a plethora of cars that are parked around various streets in D.C that sell marijuana-infused sweets, such as gummy bears and everyone’s favorite, brownies. These cars are very noticeable, as they are decorated with marijuana decals and the company’s name, Kush Gods, on the side.

When I first saw this car, I was flabbergasted. I was just taking a nice walk down U Street when I looked up and saw a funky looking car parked at the corner. It took a few seconds for my brain to register that the splotchy green paint on the front of the car was actually weed, and that there was a flashy “Kush Gods” decal on the side door.

Of course, my first instinct was to ask someone to take a picture of me posing next to the car. After I took the picture, I noticed that there was a woman in the driver’s seat. The investigative journalist inside me decided to ask her about her choice in car décor.


Because I initially thought that this was just her personal car and not a business, I told her how much I love her vehicle and to contact me if she ever wanted to sell it.

“Thanks, but this car isn’t mine,” she replied. “I’m actually an employee for this company and am taking donations for edibles. Do you want any? We have brownies and gummy bears.”

I declined the offer, mainly because of how (pleasantly) shocked I was. I’m pretty sure my mouth was still agape in disbelief during our conversation. She told me that if I ever changed my mind I could call the phone number on the side of the car to inquire for Kush God car locations.

Last November, the cultivation and possession of marijuana in D.C was legalized for adults who are 21+, and it officially became a law in February. It is, however, illegal to sell marijuana. So, how exactly does Kush Gods “sell” it’s treats?

With the laws, it’s legal for people to give away marijuana. So, the operators of Kush Gods ask for “donations” in exchange for the goodies, with a suggested price of $10 per brownie and $10 for ten gummies. It’s important to Kush Gods, as well as Halsey, that people are high on legal marijuana.

Kush Gods is also very big on being green (pun-intended) as the marijuana is locally grown and locally produced by a local chef. In addition, the drivers of the cars get paid $13/ hour to operate the cars (minimum wage is $9.50 in D.C) (I’m dropping out of college) and is in operation daily from 2 pm to 10 pm.

If you ever feel the desire to see their beautifully designed car as well as perhaps channel your inner Wiz Khalifa and “donate” to their cause, follow them on Instagram and give them a call.

Thank you Kush Gods (#tykg) for blessing the streets of D.C. Your entourage of cars is appreciated by many, and we will forever be wayyyy up, feelin’ blessed. Live life according to a famous proverb by philosopher Snoop Dogg: “Smoke weed everyday”, and if you can’t, then eat it instead.