Wake and Shake (Your Butt)

Uncategorized | Emily Langlois | November 16, 2015

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Usually you’ll never hear the words “morning” and “dance party” in the same sentence… unless that sentence is “I was so hungover this morning after that crazy dance party last night”. Daybreaker, a “morning movement that will start off your day unlike anything else”, hopes to change that.

Daybreaker is a pop up dance-party that, you guessed it, happens in the morning. Usually starting at 6:00 AM with a yoga session followed by a DJ-hosted rave until 9:00 AM, it’s changing the early bird game.

This movement operates in most big cities across the U.S. three times a month, and is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It makes its name for being a way to jumpstart the day: including live music, featuring art and performances from locals, and food/drinks provided by promoting companies.

Each Daybreaker event usually has a theme to it, encouraging all participants to bring their A-game when it comes to costume and dance moves, as if going to a dance party at the break of dawn isn’t wild enough.

I went to a Daybreaker party in San Francisco over the summer, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It was hosted at what would usually be a nightclub, so it had all the features of a night out on the town (balconies, disco balls, the occasional stripper pole), but it was refreshingly nice to drink coffee in the lounge chairs and eat granola bars on the dance floor.

Everyone there was welcoming and unique, going all out with their dancing. I felt like I could let go and not really care about seeming “cool” or worry about some random guy trying to come up and grind on me. And it only lasted 2 hours, so just when I was getting tired, it was pretty much time to go,

As for their mission to start my day off right, they definitely succeeded. As much as I hated dragging my butt out of bed so early in the morning, the rest of the day I was energized and motivated to take on whatever came my way. Who knew that a little moving and grooving could contribute so much to productivity.

Daybreaker operates in DC and there’s an event coming up Wednesday, November 18. The theme is jazzercise and they encourage everyone to break out their neon and legwarmers for a high-kicking good time. Get more info and tickets here: http://dc.daybreaker.com.