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Your Guide to Halloweekend in DC

Uncategorized | Megan Adams | October 27, 2015

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Your Guide to Halloweekend in DC 

Year after year, AU students dressed in cat ears and devil horns find themselves leaving the Russian embassy with a handful of candy and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment, having realized that there was in fact no free vodka to be had. This year, don’t waste your elaborate costume of headband plus skirt on Korean pumpkin taffy that you can order on amazon, and instead check out what the city has to offer:

The Chainsmokers at Echostage: Tickets are on sale now and doors open at 9:00 pm on Halloween. The show is 18+ so no need to worry about any sixteen year olds in space buns screaming the words to #Selfie next to you. The tickets are a little pricy at $48, but if you put your heart in it and win the costume contest, you’ll walk away with a $100 gift card. No worries if your costume is lame, last year the winner was just a guy in a tiger morphsuit.

Costume Karaoke at Solly’s U Street Tavern: If you’re looking for something with a dive bar feel where you can belt it out to Tiny Dancer, you need to spend Thursday at Solly’s. Get there early and you can gain all the liquid courage you need with happy hour drinks priced at three to five dollars.

Bill Nye at the National Geographic Museum: What’s scarier than the idea that humans are quickly destroying the planet? I can’t think of anything! If you aren’t a huge fan of dressing up but still want to have fun, check out Bill Nye the Science Guy’s talk on global warming at 7:30 on Friday. If you’re looking for more October fun after the talk, Shake Shack is just around the corner and October means their pumpkin pie milkshake is back. Tickets start at $30 and are on sale now.

Ghostown at Town Danceboutique: With drag queens, Go Go boys, and drinks, Town is pretty fucking fabulous. If you think your costume can beat the queens of Town, try for the $1000 cash prize for best costume or $500 for second. Cover fee is $10 for 21+ and $15 for 18-20. Be sure to arrive by midnight if you want your costume to count & by 10:30 if you don’t want to miss the show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at E Street Cinema: Put on your red lipstick and fishnets and fulfill the dream you’ve had since reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower. The show runs every night of Halloweekend and starts at midnight, but come early to beat the line. Use the cash you save with their student discount to drink up at the snack bar. Then get ready to dress down for the famous underwear run at the end of the screening.

Now put on those cat ears and have fun. If you still can’t get into the Halloween excitement this city has to offer, Netflix and chill still has your back. Open a bottle of Angry Orchard and enjoy yourself some Hocus Pocus. Happy Halloweekend!