They See Me Rollin’

Buredo serves up new "sushiritos"

Uncategorized | Megan Adams | November 6, 2015

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The arrival of autumn means the availability of everything that is delicious, presenting the opportunity to down pumpkin spice lattes, potato based foods, and fried everything, as if hibernation is imminent.

It’s easy to fall victim to this trap, allowing yourself to gain an additional seven pounds onto what you gained when Panera started taking Eagle Bucks. While bread bowls filled with cheesy soup will always be bae, there’s a healthier alternative. In the sea of tempting comfort food, DC houses a healthy, fresh, and delicious option: Buredo.

Buredo was born out of the brilliant idea that two childhood friends had, and it combines their love of sushi and burritos, essentially creating a giant sushi roll full of only the best ingredients. It’s a small space with one community table in the middle of the room, which provides a cool way to meet the people of your city, Thanksgiving dinner style.

Just kidding, it’s a cool way to be asked to take Polaroid pictures of a group of well-dressed tourists, only for them to realize that there is in fact no film in the camera. But still—go for the food.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 5.41.54 PM

For me, eating six rolls of sushi always leaves me a little disappointed that there isn’t more happening. I then order another roll, eat it all, and leave the restaurant, or, get out of bed to throw my takeout container away, feeling disgusted with myself. This may just be a me-thing, but Buredo is the solution to this problem, with its perfect portion sizes and flavor combinations.

As someone who prides herself in eating as many possible items from a menu as possible, I usually split two buredos with a friend. Made up of crunchy shrimp tempura, creamy avocado and sriracha mayo, tart pickled cabbage, red tobiko and toasted sesame seeds, Sofie was a dream who lived up to her name.

The other equally delicious half, Beatrix, is a classic roll with a twist- a combination of yellowfin tuna, salmon sashimi, cucumber, pickled cabbage, green onion, tempura crunch, and unagi sauce. Paired with a selection of flavored seltzers, these buredos are the perfect lighter balance to signature pot roasts across the city.

Take some friends and order a few. Even your seafood-fearing pal can come along for a snack of wasabi peas and the Crazy 88, a spicy pork based roll.

Together, you can beat your great aunt’s passive aggressive Facebook comments punctuated with ones instead of exclamation points about how thin you once were, and instead put off your extra weight gain until Christmas cookie season, or at least Thanksgiving.

Buredo is located at 825 14th Street NW.

(Photo courtesy of Buredo)