Raising the (Milk) Bar

Momofuku’s Sister Bakery Opens in City Center DC

Uncategorized | Megan Adams | November 3, 2015

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After weeks of hype from food lovers and hipsters that accept anything from New York City as being cool, Milk Bar finally opened its doors to the district. For those who weren’t able to carve out two hours to wait in the line spiraling through the small store and far down the street, no worries- I experienced it for you.


I reached the line at about 8:00 PM, hoping that the eight hours since opening would have let it die down.  This was a terrible decision as everyone knows that “at about 8:00 PM” is prime dessert time. Luckily, the Milk Bar staff knew this and circled around three times in the two hours I was there with generous sample cups of Cereal Milk Soft Serve, which served two purposes. The first is that it obviously allowed people to get a small taste of the greatness that is corn flakes + milk + brown sugar, and the second, more importantly, is that it combined cold weather with cold food to remove the weakest links from the growing line.

While patiently awaiting my turn, I busied myself with befriending the couple in front of me, comparing our orders pre-typed out as iPhone notes and changed multiple times within the time spent in line, and watching with great joy from a place of evil and greed as others both in front of and behind us stepped out of line. This couple was my sole set of friends in a sea of equally hungry enemies. “Should we just go somewhere else for dessert?”, asked a man in front of me. Before his date could finish asking her question, “but where will we go?”, I had already begun listing any dessert within a ten-mile radius.


For me, this wasn’t just dessert. This was the hype heaven on earth cookie that I had been waiting for, plus my dinner, as I had come straight from work in a home with no snacks other than dry cracked wheat crackers from Whole Foods. When I finally reached the front of the line, my order list had grown far longer than I’d like to admit: a dozen cookies, cereal milk affogado, birthday truffles, a thanksgiving croissant, and an egg and cheddar bomb.

Now that the line has died down as much as a week’s time allows, all I can say is run, don’t walk, to Milk Bar to order the eleven-dollar meal deal with the Thanksgiving croissant, the compost cookie, and cereal milk. The flaky, stuffing flavored crust filled with hot herbed turkey and cranberry sauce is the best Thanksgiving meal I’ll have this year considering my family will be spending November 26th at a Japanese Steakhouse in Downtown Disney. To say I’m fine with this is an understatement, because it is that damn good.

The cookie and cereal milk are a given—this is what Milk Bar is famous for and understandably so. As someone who as a child refused to drink milk unless it had soaked up cocoa puffs during breakfast, this is my dream beverage and I stand by it as a quality source of calcium. The compost cookie which should be an AU favorite because hey, look at that green reference, is the most amazing combination of butterscotch, chocolate, potato chips, and pretzels. If this doesn’t sound delicious to you, I can’t help you, because it is heaven in cookie form.

Milk Bar is located at 1090 I St. NW // 7:00 AM-12:00 AM