Our Generation, Our Change

Uncategorized | Brooke Demchuk | November 20, 2015

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‘Twas a brisk Monday morn last week when a thousand millennials descended on Franklin Square. While I struggled to turn on my Keurig, these activists were busy marching to the White House, fucking up traffic left, right, and center.


AU student groups showed up ready to go, motivated by a level of passion you really only get from a group of students whose demands are routinely ignored by their politicians and administrators. The Darkening, Fossil Free AU, League of United Latin American Citizens, AU Black Student Alliance, AU Eco-Sense, The Community Action & Social Justice Coalition, Student Worker Alliance, AU NAACP, AU Students Advocating for Native Communities all attended and have continued to participate in discourse in the days following the demonstration. Even before the 9th, student groups prepped attendees with info on the event’s purpose, demonstrating a level of organizational capacity I have yet to achieve in group projects.

“But WoOAoAH”, you might be saying, “you want politicians to deal with immigration, climate, AND race?!?? At the same time?! Honestly, there’s only like a 1% chance that’s actually what you’re saying. Though if that is what you’re saying, let me welcome you to The Rival, Mr. Trump. But, I digress. Whether or not dealing with all of these topics at once seems unproductive, it’s dumb to not consider them related. Our Generation, Our Choice marked an important merging of these social movements and an opening of discussion amongst them.

Though sure to have its bumps, the capacity to coordinate an event like this – one that allowed movements to stand in solidarity with one another without demeaning the others mission – leaves me both a proud and hopeful millennial.