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SG finally ‘Unlocks The Swag’ by bringing a good act to...

Capital Campus | Niall Patrick | October 26, 2015

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Hip hop and rap group Rae Sremmurd, brothers, Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee, showed what it meant to be a part of “Sremm Life” last Thursday.

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Slim Jimmy shows off his bling as he sings “No Flex Zone.” (Niall Patrick/The Rival AU)


Flashing lights, shining bling, and bumping bass filled Bender Arena as Rae Sremmurd came out guns blazing. They may be little but they sure did fill the arena with a vibe that, for the most part, kept students around through the opening acts.

Before the show, people lined up outside the arena at 6 p.m. The line stretched all the way to Hughes Hall, which is ridiculous if you ask me. My VIP wristband was so sick I couldn’t even feel bad for the people sitting down waiting to get in. No doubt this brought back memories of going to frat parties during my freshman year.

After hours of a few good and a lot of awful opening acts, Rae Sremmurd ran out on the stage shouting, shooting water guns and throwing toilet paper and beach balls into the crowd. It was kind of awkward at first but it added to the hype later on. “No type,” “No Flex Zone,” and “Come Get Her,” three hit songs, made students get real weird.

The groups that opened included KANEHOLLER, and Pigeons and Planes featured artists Abhi and Dijon. The show was part of the Collegiate Lifestyle Music Festival’s Verge Campus Tour. The Verge Campus is known for bringing big upcoming acts to campuses across the nation. Rapper Gibran Borbon and DJ Lightwaves, for Verge Campus, played in between the sets. The students loved Lightwaves’ mixes.

Students respond positively to DJ Lightwaves and the beats he played (Niall Patrick/The Rival AU).
Students respond positively to DJ Lightwaves and the beats he played. (Niall Patrick/The Rival AU)


Students like Alexis Shamsi were impressed with some of the opening acts. “The DJ was actually so good,” Shamsi said. “I am a huge fan of 90s rap, he played ‘No Scrubs’ and ‘This Is How We Do It’, it was awesome.” Shamsi and other students around her said that he was hot too.

Some of the acts went on way too long as I began to lose my enthusiasm. Several times I had the feeling that Rae Sremmurd was about to randomly walk out until the opening acts would say “We got one more for you guys tonight!” Some of the crowd cheered because there was only one more song. Other students flipped them off and yelled “FUCK YOU!” to the performers. One of the performers, Dijon, even called some of the students out to a rap battle. I’m just glad it didn’t turn into a Drake and Meek Mill fight.

Most students were just eager and desperate to see Rae Sremmurd perform. Others enjoyed the talent they saw.

Freshman Reed Mitchell was in the crowd turning up with her friends. “They were good, super talented I just didn’t know who they were so it was hard to enjoy it,” Mitchell said about the opening acts.

[Rae Sremmurd] was really interactive with the crowd which was cool.”

Usually the opening acts are small local upcoming artist that no one has heard of because they will do anything to get their name out there with top performers.

KANEHOLLER hypes people up during the opening act. (Niall Patrick/The Rival AU)
KANEHOLLER hypes people up during the opening act. (Niall Patrick/The Rival AU)


Rae Sremmurd picked up the atmosphere and got students, who were already close and pissed off, to crowd even close together. The fact that Rae Sremmurd was finally on the stage took precedent over the fact that everybody was breathing down each others necks. Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy grabbed water bottles, drank half and threw the rest on the audience, which definitely pissed some people off but was refreshing after standing shoulder to shoulder with so many sweaty people for so long.

Being at American University, anyone would have predicted that they would make a political allusion and perform “Up Like Trump.” They hit the peak of the show when they came out with their crew and performed hit song “Blase” while jumping around in their Jordans pumping up the students.

The crowd went nuts when Slim Jimmy started calling out the females in the crowd, grabbing their phones and taking selfies while shining his gold and platinum grills in the camera.

“It was amazing,” Trevor Jennings said. “He took my phone on stage, and it was the best 10 seconds of my life.” There was even a part of me that wanted Slim to take my phone and send a Snapchat to all my friends. Although it would be hella dope, it probably would not be the best 10 seconds of my life. If only Wiz Khalifa had made a guest appearance when they performed a new song called “Burn Slow”. That moment would have been in the running for “best 10 seconds of my life.”

At the end of the show, people with the VIP access were allowed to take pictures with Rae Sremmurd and get a chance to see them up close. About 30 students got a VIP wristband by answering a trivia question or volunteering to set up.

We couldn’t get individual pictures, which defeats the point of a meet and greet, but nonetheless it was dope to see Swae and Silm up close. Students left the arena pleased and their eardrums pierced. Despite the trend of okay opening acts the main performance made the experience worth it.

The Verge Campus Tour and Rae Sremmurd will head to Salem State University with Mike Stud and KANEHOLLER on Oct. 29, 2015.

So, when can students expect Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Disclosure next? Stay tuned and you will hear about it here first.