What Contraceptive are you According to your Zodiac Sign?

Constellations to Prevent Complications

Original Poster | samanthayoung | February 28, 2016

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It’s crazy how accurate Zodiac signs can be sometimes. People look to the stars and signs for all aspects of their lives—so what do they say about what kind of birth control to use?


Aries: The Pull Out Method

Just like the pull out method, you display extreme confidence and impulsiveness. Sometimes your adventurous side just gets the better of you. Your daredevil nature will indulge in the pleasure of living on the edge and taking the risk of a 27% failure rate.

Taurus: Daily Oral Contraceptives

As a Taurus, you can rely on your persistent nature to ensure that you’ll take your pill erryday. This highly effective method satisfies your need for security. Others may become forgetful overtime, but your patience and reliability make this an ideal method of birth control.

Gemini: Plan B

Oh Gemini, you try so hard, but your inconsistency gets the best of you. You can’t decide on which kind of birth control to use, so you resort to the last option post-coitus. However, your versatility and happy predisposition will not let a day filled with puking set you back.

Cancer: NuvaRing

The great thing about the NuvaRing is you don’t have to worry about it everyday and you can remove it at anytime. As a Cancer, this is a practical and protective option for you, with a <1% failure rate. However, in case you’re in the mood, you can easily pop that baby out without a second thought.

Leo: Diaphragm

Just like a diaphragm, you’re super into yourself. Having to fish around inside your vagina every time you have sex to both insert and remove the diaphragm is a job for a determined and hardworking Leo. This is one of the few non-hormonal methods of birth control, in case you tend to be narrow-minded (as Leos can be!) about such methods.

Virgo: Abstinence

Ah, yes. The Virgin. Your determined and responsible nature will let no man inside those pants. This is the only way to assure a 0% chance of pregnancy, and even in the heat of the moment you have the ability to pull back and be rational. You can stick to your abstinence like no other, even under pressure.

Libra: Male Condom

The male condom—a classic. You’re a sensual and diplomatic being, and a male condom is a safe bet that everyone (should!) know how to use, so it’s the perfect fit. You’re not the type to make serious decisions, and a male condom is way less of a commitment than a hormonal birth control method.

Scorpio: IUD

As a Scorpio you’re a bit private, which is why the IUD is perfect for you. Nobody needs to know what’s going on with your body, and the IUD will keep it that way. You’re tough as well, which will help you with the pain and complications that can arise from an IUD. But the almost 10-year lifespan as well as the 99% success rate of the IUD will be conducive to your large sexual appetite, and won’t get in the way. 

Sagittarius: Spermicide

Spermicide can get sloppy. But as a Sagittarius, your natural tidiness can handle the goopy, messy gloop while appreciating the humor within sex. However, your blind optimism overestimates the 70-80% success rate of spermicide. On the bright side, paired with a condom or a diaphragm, spermicide’s success rate goes up and becomes a safer, more reliable option.

Capricorn: Depo Provera (Shot)

You’re straightforward and adventurous, so you’re never the type to faint or back down from a shot. The birth control shot, typically administered every 12 weeks, usually doesn’t give any side effects associated with estrogen-based birth control. You don’t want to limit yourself with bad vibes like that, so the shot is perfect for you.

Aquarius: Tied Tubes

As an independent and stubborn Aquarius, if you decide you don’t want children, you decide for sure. There’s no going back when you tie your tubes, and your intuitiveness and intellect will let you make this permanent, life-changing decision.

Pisces: Female Condom

Just like the female condom, Pisces are often lost in a sea of options. Who even uses the female condom? You must be adaptable and imaginative to use this rare form of birth control. You don’t like asking or demanding, so you want autonomy with the birth control you’re using. 


JK, a zodiac sign can never determine what birth control you should use. Do your research, and talk to your doctor about what method is right for you. Make sure you always have protected sex, and don’t be a Gemini or an Aries. 😉