Sierra Apaliski

  • Donald Trump: Who Better to Ward off Humanity?

    It’s late on Friday night, and you and eight friends are gathered in your 15'8" x 9'11.25" room trying to create what resembles

  • Trevor Culley: Student Novelist

    Meet Trevor Culley: Just your average man, student, and novelist. Yes, novelist. At 19 years old Trevor can claim the title with his book 

  • The Trick of Desire

    We hear it over and over again—love is a timeless tale. There's no better way to get a r

  • It’s Called an Absentee Ballot, Asshat

    Oh yes it’s that time of year again! Punxsutawney Phil has called for an early spring, and everyone is prepared to watch the various award shows. Well, almost everyone. The students at

  • The Urge to Splurge

    “Oh, it’s only five dollars. I’ve spent more on more pointless things.” We’ve all been there, and before you know it you’ve spent over $100 in a 30 minute T

  • Was That Consent?

    American University is shaking up ideas about sex education through the new student proposed program EmpowerAU, which discusses safe, fun sex, and sexual assault prevent