Megan Adams

  • Injured but Unbroken

    In an effort to market beyond the elite mothers of Chevy Chase, Soul Cycle generously invited The Rival staff to come in for a free ride. While I'm generally against exercise of any kind, something ab

  • Maria's Story (And Why This Matters!)

    At noon on March 21st, Carlos Vera shared the story of Maria. Maria has worked at AU for 30 years. Vera’s post details Maria’s experience of being forced to clean the entirety of SIS as

  • Living in Sexile

    While your roommate may very well end up as the maid of honor in your wedding, we all know that’s not always how it goes. On top of the constant battle over the thermostat and the urge to l

  • For Granted: Problems Facing AU Workers

    Photo Courtesy of Carlos Vera  When we decided to come to AU, we all signed up to pay the insanely high tuition, so it’s no surprise when the bill comes around and you find yourself app

  • Sprig & Sprout

    The weather is officially freezing which means it’s soup season. My love of soup is so strong that for me this can mean finding joy in heating up a can of Campbell’s chicken and stars in my room.

  • Swiper No Swiping

    It’s 3 AM and you’re drunk. You’re too poor to order pizza and everything else is closed, so clearly you head to Subway for a five dollar footlong. Desperately needing to sober up and longing fo