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  • AU Confessions Round Two

    You’ve asked, we’ve answered. My first article of college confessions was only freshmen, but this article is double trouble, as the submissions page was open to all

  • Freshman Confessions

    As my freshman year of college here at American University comes to a close, I’ve begun to spend a lot of time reflecting (aka procrastinating). Thinking back about my

  • Meal Swipes: An Inconvenience or a Newly Discovered Income?

    For most first or second year students at American University, meal swipes have the equivalent worth of currency during the hyperinflation that took place in the Weimar Republic. I know that I, along

  • 14 Things To Do This Valentine's Day If You're Single

    1- Cry. All your friends are in relationships and Valentine’s Day is the most painful day of the year, specifically meant to remind you of how painfully single you are. It’s okay, that’s like, h