Laura Thompson

  • Millennials: If You Can't Join Them, Beat Them

    When society has problems, those within it seek others to blame. This is not a new concept, and it’s not one likely to end any time soon. Right now, the one being blamed is me. Well, not just me—M

  • Competitive Quotability

    Getting to know the presidential candidates is a really scary adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. And in each major party, there are some pretty special things to learn! Democrats often hav

  • The Debates are a Hot Mess You Need to Be Following

    As I write this, our many GOP candidates are issuing their final statements at the third Republican debate. What a night. Less whining about peers, more wailing about policies, please. On t

  • Hillary's Fishy Contributions

    What do you get when you combine 20 presidential candidates, a campaign financing system open to serious contention, and a ravenous 1% hoping to sway the outcome with their wealth? Well, potentially,

  • Sweater Weather

    They’re back: sweaters. At once totally predictable and totally lovable, sweaters are probably the most important item any person could own who lives in a cold climate. In fact, yes: I stand by that