Emily Wasielewski

  • The Disaster Cleanse

    Co-Author: Matt Bohan Video Documentation: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TLpSFdq1aU[/embed] This past week, two brave so

  • Jonathan Murray

    I met Jonathan Murray one of the first nights of freshman year welcome week. As I sat in a circle on the quad, talking to strangers and pretending I wasn’t scared shitless, he wandered

  • BREAKING: Trump's Run Actually an Episode of Punk'd

    It was revealed earlier today that Donald Drumpf’s terrifying presidential run has actually just been an extended, well-planned episode of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk

  • Confessions to My Parents

    Hey mom and dad! How have you been? I’m fine, it’s 4pm on a Wednesday and I’m just chilling in my pajamas, hanging out with my Sims family (one of whom just passe

  • Best Places on Campus To...

    American University is a vast land of un-tapped opportunity and potential. Although sometimes sitting inside all day and watching documentar

  • Go Smoking!

    Co-author: Matt Bohan As two students who intensely value the freedom of expression, we vehemently oppose restrictions on on-campus smoking at American University. We