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“Mom, this isn't a phase”

  • I Love (Hate) The Rival

    We’ve had a whirlwind of a first year here at AU. We’ve received mad hate from the acclaimed app Yik Yak (shoutout to the constant “The Rival sucks” posts) but also a lot of praise from the st

  • For Asian-Americans

    Co-Author: Jenny Park  We are Asian-American. We are in a constant battle with how we view ourselves and how others view us. And right now, we are st

  • Zayn & The Boyband Formula

    Roughly a year ago, our homeboy Zayn Malik left One Direction, leaving fans in tearful fits of sorrow and his bandmates to make a tightly worded statement that “wished him the best.” A year ago

  • Bound In Holy Matri-homie

    The elusivity and exclusivity of brohood has always intrigued me, whether it be from the carefully captioned Instagram posts proclaiming mutual love or the matching gym

  • Oddly Specific Sexy-Time Playlists

    In honor of Sex Week, here are six scenario centric playlists can help you "get it on" (Gaye, 1973).    For the sensitive individual who crie

  • The Grammys, Kendrick, & Taylor: The Threesome That Never Was

    At the last moments of the 58th annual Grammy Awards, it felt as though two sides of America were holding their breath -- those who were rooting for 1989 by local sweet