20 Questions: AU

...Is it bigger than a loaf of bread?

Capital Campus | Cassie Paschall | April 6, 2016

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What better way to get to know AU’s student body than by playing everyone’s favorite middle school game? 20 questions! I caught up with a few ~anonymous~ students and asked them a range of things from their majors to their stance on Aramark workers’ rights to their preference of kittens or puppies. What would your answers be?

Q1: What is your major/minors?

  1. “IR/ECON Major.”
  2. “Business Administration Major.”
  3. “SIS major.”
  4. “Double major in political science and secondary education.”
  5. “Double major in anthropology and history.”
  6. “CLEG major, communications minor.”
  7. “SIS Major.”
  8. “SIS Major.”

Q2: Early morning or late night classes?

  1. “Early morning.”
  2. “Early morning.”
  3. “Early Morning. I like having the day to go to work and do homework. It helps me sleep at night.”
  4. “Late night class and work at night.”
  5. “Late night, because I am more productive in the morning.”
  6. “Early morning, just want to get it done with.”
  7. “Late night, I can’t make it to morning classes.”
  8. “Early morning, because I like having free time in the afternoon.”

Q3: Who is your favorite professor at AU?

  1. “Edward Comstock.
  2. “Professor Bellows.”
  3. “Professor Groen easy professor. Professor Twig is my favorite challenging professor.”
  4. “Professor Jason Snyder.”
  5. “Professor Marytn Oliver.”
  6. “Professor Chris Adams.”
  7. “Professor Lawrence.”
  8. “Professor Joyner.”

Q4: How diverse do you think AU is?

  1. “Not at all, it’s like you put salt and pepper on white mashed potatoes.”
  2. “Not much.”
  3. “My high school was more diverse. I went to a high school in NOVA where there was more diversity in terms of ethnicity. In addition, those ethnicities were not clearly segregated as they are at AU.”
  4. “Coming from the high school I came from, it is pretty diverse. Saying that, it is not very diverse. I was overwhelmed that there were girls at AU.”
  5. “It is much more diverse than where I grew up, but it was not as diverse as I thought it would be.”
  6. “Not very, mostly rich kids from the Northeast.”
  7. “It’s not as diverse as where I grew up.”
  8. “It seems fairly diverse compared to where I grew up, but that is not saying much.”

Q5: If you could improve AU in any way, what would you do?

  1. “I would make it more interconnected between the different schools with faculty and students. Too much segregation. The schools are so separated.”
  2. “Have more diverse food.”
  3. “I would give the Aramark workers’ children free education. Whether that be a degree or learn a new skill or language. It is very clear the professor’s children get free education while those rights are not extended to the blue collar workers at AU.”
  4. “I would make the classes more difficult in an intellectual way because their ideas are not challenged like they should be.”
  5. “I would lower housing costs.”
  6. “Get rid of Greek life, lower tuition cost.”
  7. “Lower tuition costs.”
  8. “Make it easier for people to come up with their own majors with a mix from all the schools.”

Q6: Why did you decide to come to AU?

  1. “Because the schools back home care as much about diplomacy as AU cares about science.”
  2. “I liked DC and probably couldn’t get into the other schools in the area.”
  3. “The School of International Service is the one of the best in the country. I started Model UN at my school and knew I wanted to fight for people’s rights.”
  4. “Largely, because I could not give up the opportunity to go to school in Washington, D.C.”
  5. “Because DC has been my favorite place since 5th grade.”
  6. “School that would give me the most opportunities in my favorite city.”
  7. “Because of its location.”
  8. “AU has been my dream school since freshman year when I found my love for the city and all of its opportunities.”

Q7: How do you feel about the campus climate AU has created and how it has contributed to the friends you have made?

  1. “Its overall pretty stuffy. People either have a Messiah complex or pretentious. The few gems you find make it worth it though. People are often very self-centered.”
  2. “I met most of my friends in class or Hillel.”
  3. “It depends a lot on your socioeconomic situation.”
  4. “Admittedly, the social scene was difficult first semester. It has gotten better since I joined a frat, because AU can be quite cliquey. My high school was very inclusive with little drama so I had some culture shock.”
  5. “I made friends much easier than I thought I would because of programs like UC and Honors. Also, the students seem to be very inclusive besides the greek system.”
  6. “I find that many of the people at AU are pretentious, but I have been able to find some good people.”
  7. “It could be much more inclusive, and people here are mostly snobbier than where I came from.”
  8. “I have mixed feelings, because AU creates programs to facilitate inclusion, but beyond that it is hard to make genuine friends outside of your so-called ‘clique’.”

Q8: What is your opinion of the treatment of workers at AU?

  1. “Poor. People give them general respect but only see them for their jobs rather than as names or people.”
  2. “Online, students give a lot of support but in person it does not really translate.”
  3. “I find it’s incredibly capitalist and in some ways violent.”
  4. “It seems like they could be treated a lot better, but the school seems to not have a lot of power to do anything about it. The people trying to improve worker’s rights have not necessarily been going about it the right way.”
  5. “It sucks.”
  6. “Seems very lacking.”
  7. “They should be treated better, given the fact that we pay this school this much money.”
  8. “I wish it were better, but frankly I’d be a hypocrite in saying they need to make more of an effort when I do so little.”

Q9: If you could work at your dream job, what would it be?

  1. “Consulting in policy and business.”
  2. “My dream job would be not having a job.”
  3. “I would like to work for the Human Rights Campaign and extend the rights of the LGBT community and other minority groups.”
  4. “Teacher or diplomat because it’d be really fucking cool.”
  5. “Curator of a smithsonian museum.”
  6. “Pop culture writer.”
  7. “Librarian.”
  8. “A substitute for God when he wants to go on vacation.”

Q10: What is your favorite place to hide away and study/procrastinate on campus?

  1. “Why would I tell you that. Then people will send you there.”
  2. “The room or the library.”
  3. “I like to find dogs on campus and play with them for as long as I can.”
  4. “Tavern.”
  5. “I like the main floor of the library.”
  6. “My room.”
  7. “SIS, McKinley, the library… people keep finding my place and stealing it from me.”
  8. “Katzen.”

Q11: If you could have sex in any place on campus, where would it be?

  1. “The outdoor study area in Mckinley at night underneath the stars.”
  2. “Courtyard in Katzen that has a lot of sculptures and stuff.”
  3. “The community garden.”
  4. “The roof of Kogod.”
  5. “The perch while it is thunder storming outside.”
  6. “SPA lobby.”
  7. “SIS Founder’s Room”
  8. “Bender Arena, on the basketball court.”

Q12: What do you plan to accomplish while at AU?

  1. “I want to become David Fletcher’s protege.”
  2. “I’d like to get a job and travel as much as I can. And theoretically get rid of my sleeping in class issues.”
  3. “I am going to declare myself SIS major/ Spanish minor, and study abroad in Chile.”
  4. “I would like to grow my mind.”
  5. “Get a degree.”
  6. “Get the skills necessary to work in almost any field I want.”
  7. “Graduate.”
  8. “Learn something new to convince my parents that $50,000+ tuition is paying off.”

Q13: If you could study abroad anywhere in the world/universe, where would it be?

  1. “I wanna go to the Trinity College of Dublin. Specifically their library because I want to live there.”
  2. “I would want to study everywhere at different times. I’d really like to visit the International Space Station too. I wanna go to Japan and China and Russia and the Philippines, Ireland, France, etc.”
  3. “Havana, Cuba.”
  4. “Spain, because I have connections”
  5. “London or Dublin.”
  6. “New Zealand.”
  7. “Hogwarts.”
  8. “Antarctica to see the penguins.”

Q14: What do you think of the sports’ teams at AU?

  1. “What sport’s teams? Ha!”
  2. “I know some athletes who are on varsity teams and no one really goes to there games or know where they are. They are supported to an extent but not as much as majority of schools.”
  3. “I don’t particularly give a shit.”
  4. “The soccer teams are very good, the women’s volleyball team is pretty good, and the men’s basketball team is kind of bad.”
  5. “I don’t pay any attention and I like it that way”
  6. “If they got more funding and support, i’m sure they could be much better.”
  7. “I would like to go to the games, but I’m preoccupied with other stuff.”
  8. “Frankly, my mom pays attention more to our sport’s teams than I do.”

Q15: What kind of extracurricular activities do you do/ if any at all?

  1. “Ballroom dancing, EMLT ascend, Diplomatic Core, Bed Siders, A/W.”
  2. “Tennis, Hillel, shopping.”
  3. “I work at the office of parking and traffic.”
  4. “Fraternity, jazz band, Public Safety aid.”
  5. “Writing, reading literature outside of my classes.”
  6. “Photo collective.”
  7. “Strings.”
  8. “Frolicking.”

Q16: What protests have you participated in while attending AU, if any ?

  1. “None.”
  2. “None.”
  3. “I sadly have not but I hope to participate in some in the future.”
  4. “I went to a march for Bernie Sanders.”
  5. “I went to the rally to restore sanity years ago.”
  6. “Went to the million man march.”
  7. “Protested against the Chinese president Xi, it could’ve been more satisfying, since he never reared his ugly face.”
  8. “I went to a #blacklivesmatter protest last January.”

Q17: Where is your favorite place to go in Washington, D.C.?

  1. “Georgetown.”
  2. “I like going to museums. I also like the sculpture garden.”
  3. “The National Gallery of Art, because I like to be able to appreciate the art and not critically think about it.”
  4. “The roof of Kogod.”
  5. “The whole area around the National Mall.”
  6. “U Street Area.”
  7. “Library of Congress.”
  8. “Embassy Row. It’s like traveling the world in a short ten minute walk.”

Q18: If you could only eat at one place on American University’s campus, where would you go?

  1. “The cafe in Ward.”
  2. “Probably either Eagle’s Nest or the Dav.”
  3. “TDR.”
  4. “TDR.”
  5. “Sadly, TDR.”
  6. “Global whatever.”
  7. “The Dav.”
  8. “Megabytes.”

Q19: What is your opinion of the Greek system at American University?

  1. “I hate it. They are overrunning us.”
  2. “I think that people that aren’t in it don’t fully understand it so they are annoyed by it. The people in it are able to find a family away from home.”
  3. “I kind of wished it was not portrayed as minimalist as they did on the tour. It seems to be everywhere I turn on campus. Drunk people are fucking annoying.”
  4. “As a part of it, I can’t dis it, but I used to be very anti-greek, but the particular frat I am a part of is very anti-establishment within the greek realm.”
  5. “I was under the impression that it wasn’t popular as it actually is. I found it is very influential within my friend group.”
  6. “Wack, bunch of white kids drinking themselves to death, complete lack of individuality.”
  7. “Would like them more if they weren’t mainly consisted of loud and obnoxious people.”
  8. “I think that the idea of a brotherhood/sisterhood is nice, but often in practice it leads to exclusion or peer pressure.”

Q20: If could have anyone speak at your graduation, who is alive, who would it be?

  1. “Bill Clinton. I want him to be the Bill Clinton we all know and love playing the saxophone.”
  2. “Kevin Lyman. He started a rock festival that tours the US and Europe.”
  3. “RBG. Because she’s an awesome feminist who is a role model of mine.”
  4. “My junior year teacher of Catholic morality. This guy is probably the best guy I have ever met. He’s a really good person and he has seen it all with his nine children. I look up to him greatly.”
  5. “Joe Biden. I want to be spur of the moment unscripted.”
  6. “Kanye West, who knows what he would say.”
  7. “Kim Jung Un, then we could lock him up afterwards.”
  8. “Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood. I think it’d be fitting for all of those who wish to rule the world.”

*Bonus Question*

Puppies or kittens?

  1. “Kittens.”
  2. “Puppies.”
  3. “Puppies.”
  4. “Puppies.”
  5. “Puppies.”
  6. “Puppies, come on now.”
  7. “Puppies.”
  8. “Puppies.”