You go, I go, wego

A look into the new music discovery platform growing in DC

Sex, Drugs, Wonk & Roll | Emily Langlois | March 30, 2016

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It’s happened to all of us: you see that an artist you really like is touring in your area, you buy a ticket out of sheer excitement, but then you realize that there’s nobody to go with. Although going to concerts alone can be fun, one of the best aspects of live music is its ability to create a unique social sphere.

Luckily, there’s truly an app for everything these days, and wego concerts is a social media/music discovery platform that has a lot in store for helping users make the most of their live music experience.

Fitz Holladay, founder of the app, saw the need for people to make connections with like-minded concert-goers and developed wego to accomplish just that. I had the opportunity to meet with him and learn more about the app’s future developments and their new DC pop-up concert series.

“The core function has always been to introduce people to concerts based on their taste of music and what their friends are doing, also to help them connect with the people going to those concerts.” -Holladay

So how does it work? You make a profile that’s custom to your music taste and social circle, and when there are interesting events coming up or interesting people around you at an event you’ll get a notification. There may even be perks for RSVPing to an event through wego such as discounts and exclusive events. 

With DC’s music scene just beginning to blossom and festival season fast approaching, the timing is right for wego and what it aims to accomplish. Connecting with friends (and friendly strangers) at concert settings is soon to be as easy as connecting your Facebook profile. 

“This app is good for venues, artists, people going to shows. All we’re trying to do is help users discover shows, help artists bring more people, and help venues sell tickets. This really is a win for everybody and I’m very excited about that.” -Holladay

Wego is exponentially growing in cities all across the nation (with DC being the largest– holla), and it’s due to their partnership-based advertising methods that allow them to remain focused on delivering the best possible concert community-building outlet. “What’s helped us most is identifying partners that are on brand for us, that we respect, that we think have a great product and are doing something special,” according to Holladay.

In partnering with Sofar Sounds, an international company that is based on hosting secret shows in unique places, wego has an exciting line-up of shows in DC that are unlikely to disappoint. Previous Sofar Sounds performers include Bastille, James Bay, and Hozier.

Their upcoming concert series kicks off this Thursday with a show at Georgetown’s Healey Center. It’s a secret show, meaning the artist won’t be revealed, but that adds a really exciting and original element especially for those who can appreciate live music no matter who’s playing.


If you want to be a part of wego’s free secret show, all you have to do is download the app and RSVP. This event will definitely be more open than future events because it’s the kick-off, so don’t miss your opportunity to check it out.

The app is currently in beta and exclusively available to students through the concert series. It will launch publicly in mid-april.  They’re currently offering a promotion that allows you to get discounted tickets to Georgetown’s Annual Spring Kickoff Concerts and the chance to win 2 tickets to Sweetlife Festival.

Download wego here!