Reclaim your Anus

A Quest for the Male G Spot

Sex, Drugs, Wonk & Roll | Bradley Kratzer | March 1, 2016

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The male body is biologically designed to endure physical exertion and anal penetration.


A Gräfenberg or “G Spot” is an area that when stimulated leads to powerful orgasms and perhaps a transcendental experience. For women, this mythical button is located in the vagina. But they aren’t the only ones that have the keys to Pandora’s Box. Listen up guys, you can open it too. The only catch is, you’re going to have to throw your legs over your head to find it.pandoras box

Straight men have long scoffed at the idea of anal play when it doesn’t involve them making a hopeless plea to their girlfriends to “try something new”. But while most men are busy trying to convince women to bend over backwards for them, gay men have not only unlocked but readily embraced the idea. Gay men don’t just stick it in because there isn’t another option. Surprisingly, it feels fucking great.

The male prostate has a flirty side and doubles as a G spot, located right below the bladder.


Musing over Cosmo Sex Tips, how any normal gay man spends their day, one can drool over how to stimulate the G spot by gently pressing your fingers between the anus and testicles. But that’s child play. If you really want to drive him crazy, lube up and go for gold (or maybe brown?). I promise, you won’t be disappointed. The fact that a guy’s G spot is in his ass is objectively proven by scientists, gay men, gay scientists, and even those adventurous straight men. So the only question is:

Why do straight men refuse to acknowledge that their most sexually stimulating area is just a couple fingers out of reach?

Is it a fear that they might actually like it? Or possibly something deeper. Men are socialized to be sexually dominant, the ruthless penetrators and sexual stallions. Maybe they think that if they actually enjoy being the ones penetrated that it detracts from their masculinity? I decided to try and get to the root of this stigma. I conducted a little scientific investigation of my own. I locked eye contact with random guys and cornered them into telling me why they don’t want to be fingered. Here are some responses:

 “I feel like it’s not masculine. What? Is she going to finger your ass hole and suck your dick at the same time?”  
 “I don’t think so. I don’t know I have the whole poop thing. Well actually I don’t poop so.”
 “I don’t know, I would have to be drunk enough”

Then things started to get interesting:

 “Honestly I’m gonna expose myself, It’s happened. Let’s just say getting fingered is equivalent if not better than getting your balls sucked.”
 “Yea, I love butt stuff. Think of it as a play button; it enhances everything.”
 “Yes. I’d be reserved, but if I trusted the girl.”

 And my favorite one:

“The one time a woman played with my ass, I thought I was going to blow her head off. It was instantaneous.”

To say my experiment was scientific is an overstatement, but the results were more than eye opening. I originally thought that straight men are socialized into being sexually dominant and their masculinity would be undermined. While maybe an underlying reason, perhaps that was over analyzing a little. I think it’s much simpler than that. When I ask guys individually, accounting for the influences of “mob mentality” and “group think”, they were surprisingly open to the idea. Some even admitted to not only experimenting, but enjoying it. So it seems that

Guys aren’t afraid of ass play, they’re just afraid of what other guys will think of them for liking it.


So to all my straight guys in the room, if you think you’re the only one that has toyed with the idea of being on the other end of the strap on, chances are you aren’t alone. In fact, guys are actually pretty open to it (no pun intended).  I obviously can’t say that all guys are day dreaming about bending over for their girlfriends, but there definitely seems to be at least a willingness to try it out. The next time you’re thinking of ways to spice up your sex life, stop asking what you can do for your partner and ask what your partner can do for you. Acceptance isn’t only the first step towards recovery, it’s the first step towards an orgasm. It’s time to reclaim your anus once and for all.